Injury Treatment

Treating your Injuries

We can treat a range of injuries from a simple cut that requires stitches; sprains and strains; to complex post operative rehabilitation for our corporate customers…all under one roof! We recommend contacting the clinic before arriving to the clinic to allow our doctors to triage your injury.

Typical patient experiences at LiveWell Occupational Health (case studies)

Case study 1: Phillip injured his hand at work. Phillip was rushed into the clinic by his H&S officer. The doctor took him strait in and assessed the injury. He was provided local analgesia and his wound was sutured/stitched by the doctor. The doctor also ordered medical imaging (an x-ray). Phillip was able to walk to Qld X-Ray next door to the LiveWell clinic. The medical imaging results showed a small fracture of the wrist. A hand over was given to our occupational therapist by the doctor who fabricated a thermoplastic splint. The Doctor brought Phillips H&S office in after treatment had been completed and discussed appropriate duties for Phillip to return to. A medical certificate with suitable duties was completed and provided to Phillip and his H&S office at the completion of his appointment. Phillip’s was able to return to work a day after his injury on suitable duties agreed to by the H&S officer and treating doctor.

Case study 2: Tony was referred to LiveWell by a labour hire company. He had injured his back whilst lifting a heavy load. He was seen by the doctor who assessed the injury. The doctor was able to provide instructions to the physiotherapist (at LiveWell) who treated Tony strait after his appointment with the doctor. Tony returned to work the same day on modified duties.

Case study 3: Barry was a new recruit for a large industrial company. He was in the final stages of being employed to fill a role in maintenance. Barry originally did not disclose a back injury he acquired whilst playing rugby league as he was in need of work. During his medical and functional testing it was evident to the clinicians assessing Barry that he had a back injury. He was sent for medical imaging where a small fracture was identified. In consultation with his new employer, Barry was given a suitable duties program and appropriate care including Physiotherapy at LiveWell. Within 6 weeks he was able to pass his functional assessment and engage in full duties in his new role.


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